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Heart Health

We’ve all heard the heart healthy tips before: go to the gym, try a spinning class, order the salmon instead of the steak, lower your cholesterol, put down the cigarette, watch your weight and stop with the salt shaker. February is American’s Heart Month and a perfect time to focus on heart healthy eating. Let me […]

Food of the Month

Love is in the air. I can tell it’s February and Valentine’s Day is approaching from the plethora of magazine advertisements and TV commercials sharing the “perfect gift” to buy your loved ones. If you are like me then there is no need to step foot into a jewelry store when you can just buy chocolate. What […]


Remember the saying “good things come in small packages?” That’s definitely the case for this super food. Flaxseed is small but a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber and can help lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and lower the risk of some cancers. There are a few types of flaxseed available in stores and […]

One point for MINNESOTA

The Women’s Report Card for 2010 was just sent to my email and I am proud to say I live in Minnesota. It turns out Minnesota was the state with the smallest percentage of women that get no leisure time physical activity at 16.4% (that means 83.6% of women get leisure physical activity). Nice work! This […]

Diet and Pregnancy

Everyone’s life is filled with seasons of celebrations. As a young adult my life has been in wedding season for the past few summers and will again be filled with eight beautiful weddings of close friends and family members this summer and fall. I can’t think of many things more fun to celebrate…that is until […]

New Years Resolutions

January, a month filled with credit card bills, overstuffed bellies and new resolutions for the future. It can be difficult finding a New Years resolution that you can stick with for 12 months, or even better, for life. In a fast paced world where we set high expectations for ourselves there are so many things […]

Christmas Gift Ideas that Promote Health!

Unsure what to get a friend or family member for Christmas? What about a gift that can improve their health. Here are some last minute gift ideas that will benefit your loved ones health. Magic Bullet This mini super blender makes having more fruits easy with how quick it can make a smoothie or protein […]

Fending off Holiday Weight Gain

 Most website claim that the average holiday weight gain is 5 or more pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years and surveys show that the average American reports a 5 pounds weight gain. The good news is a report in the New England Journal of Medicine actually showed the average American only gains one pound during […]