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  People assume I know how to cook everything since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but to there surprise I’m just like everyone else and I have so many foods I have yet to try and so many more to master. I’m still nervous cooking new foods especially things like lamb […]

Vegetable and Herb Garden

This is a long overdue email but I’ve been busy in the yard weeding and planting my garden. One of the best perks of home ownership and a yard is the ability to have a garden. This is the second year I’ve planted an herb and vegetable garden. With all the imported and shipped vegetables at grocery […]

Juice Boxes

As a lot of my friends begin their journeys into parenthood it’s a great time to talk about juice. We can all think back to our childhood days and having juice boxes at lunch, during sporting events or maybe at a picnic or party. Juice boxes were a rarity in my house but I always […]

Butter or Margarine???

What’s the better choice? Since this is a common nutrition question I’m hoping I can debunk it for everyone. First, let’s remember that whichever you choose, margarine or butter, they are both fats so we want to use them sparingly. Now to the answer. Like all things nutrition there isn’t a simple black or white answer since fats aren’t […]

Easter Candy Calories

Easter is the second highest time of year for candy sales, behind Halloween, and my personal favorite time of year for candy choices! In my eyes everything from the egg and bunny shapes to the pastel colors and flavor choices outshine the Halloween options. Most of the popular Easter candies come in mini egg shapes that are lower […]

Mercury in Fish: How much fish is too much?

A coworker asked me a great question that prompted me to do some further research. Should I worry about the mercury in fish? First, the most serious threats are for pregnant women and children but still the answer isn’t clear. Yes, you should worry, but no eating fish isn’t dangerous. A lot of things factor into how […]

Food with Benefits

Ever wonder if your favorite food has unique benefits for your health? I took a look at some new and old research done on food with health benefits for Twin Cities Live. Take a look at what these foods may be doing to better your health. Twin Cities Live Clip: Food with Benefits Food to […]

The Dish on Detox Diets

A common question I get from friends is regarding my opinion on detox diets. With Hollywood stars prompting detox diets I think it’s important to pass on some important information regarding these diets. What is a cleanse diet? Cleanse diets or Detox diets (short for detoxification) are marketed as diets that remove environmental and dietary […]

New Dietary Guidelines for Sodium

The New Dietary Guidelines are out. While there were a few changes I think the most important one to touch on is the decrease in recommended sodium intake. The average American consumes ~3,400 mg of sodium per day which is more than double the amount recommended by the new dietary guidelines. It’s time to try […]

Breakfast Bar Breakdown

You can find cereal bars on the counters of grocery stores, gas stations and even some coffee shops reminding us that breakfast is an important meal. The question is: Are they healthy? In short, they can be. Having breakfast is the key to having a good metabolism and energy level throughout the day. If you […]