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Make Packing Snacks Easy- To Go Snack Ideas

I get asked a ton of questions about what I feed my kids as a dietitian. I guess I don’t think it’s that different than others but that’s probably because I became a dietitian because of my mother. She cooked all the time, instilled in us a love for vegetables and trying new foods, and […]

Hard Boiled Eggs

I’ve featured eggs as the food of the month before but it only seems appropriate to discuss them again with Easter this Sunday.  So, how do you make the perfect hard boiled egg? Well, that depends on how you like to eat them. Hard Boiled Eggs -Cold water Method Since I learned how to make hard […]

It Starts with the Crust

Our family loves eating pizza and we usually make it weekly. With three out of four of us not being able to eat cheese we’ve been making our pizzas homemade for years. The reason I love making pizza from scratch is you can customize it for your family.  Our daughter loves pepperoni so we top hers with […]

How Much Sugar is in Your Non Dairy Milk?

  Our family drinks almond and soy milk and I’ve always switched around getting vanilla and unsweetened. Recently I decided to look at the sugar content of our vanilla and chocolate milks in the fridge. I was rather surprised to see how similar they looked. It made me wonder just how much sugar we were […]

Appalled and Deceived

I know, I know, I know. I hear the voices already. I should have known better than to assume, but I’m guilty. I have been buying light syrup for the past decade (or at least since I started to buy my own groceries back in college). We ran out of syrup last week and now […]

New Seeds on the Block

Seeds have been surfacing as “health” foods for many years now. One of the first big players on the block was flax seed. Now if you go in most grocery store you will be able to find chia seeds and hemp seeds. Here is a brief overview of the seeds, their nutritional benefits and ways […]

Cooking Oil Guide

There are so many varieties of oil available to buy at the store it’s hard to know which one is best for your recipe? To help out I decided to break down some common plant oils based on facts, taste and fat breakdown. One thing to remember is a fat is a fat. No matter […]

Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy

I have come upon the next stage of life when nutrition is not only important for me but also for the baby that I’m carrying. I’m currently 34 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first child and being a dietitian nutrition has been very important to me during this pregnancy. You may think this means I […]

Antioxidant Rich Foods

I have a handout of the top 20 antioxidant rich foods at work and have been meaning to post about it. The list was put together by nutritionists with the USDA who examined the antioxidant levels of more than 100 different fruits, vegetables, spices, cereal and more. The information was published in the Journal of […]