Pudding Parfaits

Growing up one of my families favorite desserts was pudding. I remember the excitement I had when I opened the refrigerator and saw our colored kids cups filled with pudding and chilling for after dinner.  I felt like it was Christmas morning and I’d run to tell my brother the exciting news. We usually had chocolate, vanilla, banana and pistachio pudding and occasionally my mom would give us the royal treatment and top them with bananas and cool whip. It’s funny how some things never change. I’m still a sucker for pudding dessert recipes and pudding cups and I’ve always loved fat free sugar free instant pudding since it’s low in calories and fat and rich in calcium.
To bring back those great memories I decided to make pudding parfaits for my Valentine’s day date with Greta since she’s pregnant and calcium is a must have for her and baby (and truthfully because I was craving the delectable dessert myself). Knowing my food of the month is chocolate I went on a search for chocolate pudding to realize I only had banana and butterscotch on hand. I chose to make the butterscotch pudding and top our parfaits with banana slices, cool whip and chopped walnuts. They were the perfect balance of smooth, sweet and crunchy to fill us up as we watched The Bachelor. The best part was the total prep took less than 5 minutes and they were guilt free! A great treat for last minute company or a late night sweet tooth.