Grilled Fruit

It’s my first day home after a 10 day road trip to Notre Dame, Racine and Webster, Wisconsin. Our week off was filled with friends, family, a wedding, meeting baby Alexis and of course a lot of good food. We enjoyed family dinners with the Postorino’s, Teskey’s, Eberle’s and Connell’s and ate lots of fish, grilled meals and fruit desserts.

I was lucky enough to overlap a night in Racine with my brother and since everyone in my family likes to cook we made dinner as a group. It was a ton of fun to share the kitchen and see how great of a sue chef my brother has become.

Grilled fruit has been on my list of things to cook this summer so I was very excited for our family dinner of salad, chicken and vegetable kabobs and grilled pineapples and peaches. To start we sliced the pineapple and placed them on skewers and cut the peaches in half. My next thought was to drizzle them with honey since I didn’t want to use butter, which a lot of recipes call for, but there was no honey in the house so we cooked them plain. The results were great since the grill enhanced the flavors of the fresh fruit.  The pineapple was delicious with the chicken and the peaches were enjoyed as dessert. The sweetness was increased and perfect without anything on it. I can’t wait to try other variations with cinnamon or nutmeg!!

Grilled Fruit

  • If you want to try this on your own it’s very simple. Slice up fresh fruit (peaches, pineapple, mangoes, pears and strawberries would all work –along with more options I’m sure)
  • Grill on each side for ~5-8 minutes (or until crisp with grill marks)
  • Remove and enjoy!
  • Try them plain, sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar or nutmeg or over ice cream for a healthy treat!