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Coffee and Banana Smoothie

Ever since I talked my husband into buying a Magic Bullet in December I’ve been on a smoothie kick, trying recipes I find in magazines and perfecting my own concoctions. My last Health Magazine featured a Coffee and Banana smoothie that I’ve been wanting to adapt and try. I’ve always loved the creamy combination of peanut […]

Food with Benefits

Ever wonder if your favorite food has unique benefits for your health? I took a look at some new and old research done on food with health benefits for Twin Cities Live. Take a look at what these foods may be doing to better your health. Twin Cities Live Clip: Food with Benefits Food to […]

The Dish on Detox Diets

A common question I get from friends is regarding my opinion on detox diets. With Hollywood stars prompting detox diets I think it’s important to pass on some important information regarding these diets. What is a cleanse diet? Cleanse diets or Detox diets (short for detoxification) are marketed as diets that remove environmental and dietary […]

Beef Broccoli Stir Fry

The first day back to work after vacation always comes as a shock. The relaxation quickly fizzles and responsibilities, deadlines and workloads accumulate quicker than anticipated. Today was day two back to work for my husband and I and knowing how busy he has been I decided to make a meal I knew he would […]

Power Granola

I’ve spent the past six days in Rosemary Beach, Florida with my husband and seven other great friends. During the time we were on vacation our lovely puppy got a vacation of her own running through the snow up north, eating pup cups and lots of cuddling by her grandparents. She’s still sleeping this evening […]

Pudding Parfaits

Growing up one of my families favorite desserts was pudding. I remember the excitement I had when I opened the refrigerator and saw our colored kids cups filled with pudding and chilling for after dinner.  I felt like it was Christmas morning and I’d run to tell my brother the exciting news. We usually had chocolate, […]

Cinnamon Chip Scones

Sharing recipes is key to expanding your repertoire of cooking abilities. Five years ago I received a recipe that has become a staple in my kitchen. The recipe came from my best friend who got it from her mom who received it from her coworker and who knows where before that. The original recipe is […]

New Dietary Guidelines for Sodium

The New Dietary Guidelines are out. While there were a few changes I think the most important one to touch on is the decrease in recommended sodium intake. The average American consumes ~3,400 mg of sodium per day which is more than double the amount recommended by the new dietary guidelines. It’s time to try […]

Breakfast Bar Breakdown

You can find cereal bars on the counters of grocery stores, gas stations and even some coffee shops reminding us that breakfast is an important meal. The question is: Are they healthy? In short, they can be. Having breakfast is the key to having a good metabolism and energy level throughout the day. If you […]

Heart Health

We’ve all heard the heart healthy tips before: go to the gym, try a spinning class, order the salmon instead of the steak, lower your cholesterol, put down the cigarette, watch your weight and stop with the salt shaker. February is American’s Heart Month and a perfect time to focus on heart healthy eating. Let me […]

Food of the Month

Love is in the air. I can tell it’s February and Valentine’s Day is approaching from the plethora of magazine advertisements and TV commercials sharing the “perfect gift” to buy your loved ones. If you are like me then there is no need to step foot into a jewelry store when you can just buy chocolate. What […]


Remember the saying “good things come in small packages?” That’s definitely the case for this super food. Flaxseed is small but a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber and can help lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and lower the risk of some cancers. There are a few types of flaxseed available in stores and […]

Spicy Tuscan Soup

The thermometers in Minneapolis hit record below zero temperatures this week so homemade soup was a must. This soup recipe was given to me by a coworker and originally an Olive Garden soup but I adapted it to be healthier, heartier and in my opinion, more flavorful. I expected it to taste good but was shocked at how […]

A Weekend of Food

Cold winter weekends always make me want to cook. This weekend my cooking escapades started with a fabulous brunch with my dear friend Brent. We started by making homemade hash browns; a first for both of us. We then made a poached egg dish with prosciutto, manchego cheese and crushed red peppers layered on a […]

One point for MINNESOTA

The Women’s Report Card for 2010 was just sent to my email and I am proud to say I live in Minnesota. It turns out Minnesota was the state with the smallest percentage of women that get no leisure time physical activity at 16.4% (that means 83.6% of women get leisure physical activity). Nice work! This […]

Diet and Pregnancy

Everyone’s life is filled with seasons of celebrations. As a young adult my life has been in wedding season for the past few summers and will again be filled with eight beautiful weddings of close friends and family members this summer and fall. I can’t think of many things more fun to celebrate…that is until […]

New Years Resolutions

January, a month filled with credit card bills, overstuffed bellies and new resolutions for the future. It can be difficult finding a New Years resolution that you can stick with for 12 months, or even better, for life. In a fast paced world where we set high expectations for ourselves there are so many things […]

Our Christmas

My family is filled with people who love to cook and when we go home we’re always treated to great food. My Aunt Nancy knows how to cook everything, from traditional Italian food (my dad’s family is 100% Italian) to wholesome vegetable dishes from her garden. Then we have my mom and I who both […]

Christmas Gift Ideas that Promote Health!

Unsure what to get a friend or family member for Christmas? What about a gift that can improve their health. Here are some last minute gift ideas that will benefit your loved ones health. Magic Bullet This mini super blender makes having more fruits easy with how quick it can make a smoothie or protein […]

Boeuf Bourguignon

My best friend Rachel and I both have a love for cooking but we live in different states so we rarely get to cook together. Luckily, every Christmas we take a day off for a long weekend together.  This year we decided to tackle Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon recipe. After patting the beef dry, chopping, […]

Food of the Month: Chili

I thought I would start a food of the month and what better way to start then with a warm meal for this cold month of December. Chili is one of my favorite things to make since I love spice, cilantro, soup, beans and vegetables and chili mixes all of that together. Chili can be […]

Fending off Holiday Weight Gain

 Most website claim that the average holiday weight gain is 5 or more pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years and surveys show that the average American reports a 5 pounds weight gain. The good news is a report in the New England Journal of Medicine actually showed the average American only gains one pound during […]