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Homemade Ramen

When we were kids my brother and I used to love packaged Ramen noodles. It was often our after school snack when my mom was still at work. I still find myself craving these delicious things and was so happy when we had a Ramen restaurant nearby. Last year the restaurant moved and I was determined […]

Make Packing Snacks Easy- To Go Snack Ideas

I get asked a ton of questions about what I feed my kids as a dietitian. I guess I don’t think it’s that different than others but that’s probably because I became a dietitian because of my mother. She cooked all the time, instilled in us a love for vegetables and trying new foods, and […]

Sweet Potato Oatmeal Pancakes

I find it ironic that within this big world wide web I searched how to make Sweet Potato Oatmeal pancakes on pinterest and got linked to a blog that was inspired by the same restaurant as I was. The restaurant that impressed me (and them) with these delicious pancakes was Short Stack Eatery in Madison. After eating my sweet […]

Squash “Lasagna” Bake

My dinner tonight was a last minute meal inspired by our morning trip to the Shorewood Farmers Market. I ran into my friend Rachel who told me about this delicious squash lasagna she made earlier in the week. After my mouth was watering my husband set out to find some squash at the market and I […]

Frontera Seasoning Sauces and Mixes

Over the past two years I’ve become a Frontera groupie. I was lured in by the ingredient label (all natural ingredients, gluten free, no preservatives, no trans fat) and hooked because of the great flavors. My husband and I love their salsas and chips (we eat the medium and hot ones and the kids love their basic mild) and […]

Hard Boiled Eggs

I’ve featured eggs as the food of the month before but it only seems appropriate to discuss them again with Easter this Sunday.  So, how do you make the perfect hard boiled egg? Well, that depends on how you like to eat them. Hard Boiled Eggs -Cold water Method Since I learned how to make hard […]

Soft Baked Pretzels

My daughter asked me this weekend if we could have soft pretzels like we had on the  ferry from Wisconsin to Michigan last summer. I love that, like me, the things she remembers about trips include the food she ate! Ironically, I looked at my kids food ideas  board on pinterest and saw that I had already […]

Foods I LOVE right now- Cereal

It’s hard to pick a favorite food when you’re 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant but my normal evening snack these days is pretty consistently cereal. I’ve never been a big cereal eater for breakfast as I always seem to get hungry quicker than if I have something with more protein like my normal English Muffin […]

Tortellini and Sausage Soup

Every September I get anxious to start making soup and fall foods. I love the change of season and all the warm delicious meals. All it takes is the humidity to leave and my kitchen is in soup mode. It’s currently 5:45pm and still 70 degrees out but the nice lake breeze and windows open […]

It Starts with the Crust

Our family loves eating pizza and we usually make it weekly. With three out of four of us not being able to eat cheese we’ve been making our pizzas homemade for years. The reason I love making pizza from scratch is you can customize it for your family.  Our daughter loves pepperoni so we top hers with […]

Barley Risotto with Mushrooms and Spicy Sausage

When the temperature gets below 20 degrees all I want is some warm, tasty comfort food. What better way than with a warm risotto. I adapted this from a Weight Watchers barley risotto recipe to be less…well less weight watcher-sie and more me. This recipe is easy to make dairy free or half and half […]

How Much Sugar is in Your Non Dairy Milk?

  Our family drinks almond and soy milk and I’ve always switched around getting vanilla and unsweetened. Recently I decided to look at the sugar content of our vanilla and chocolate milks in the fridge. I was rather surprised to see how similar they looked. It made me wonder just how much sugar we were […]

Asian Noodles- A New Teskey Favorite

Do you ever get stressed about magazines piling up month after month? Not real stresssed more just “anxious to read them and not see the next months edition show up before you have even lifted the cover of the previous months” stressed. Personally, I feel like this a lot lately as life is busy and […]

Bulgur for breakfast

I love having a new twist on a favorite meal so I decided to try bulgur as the base for my hot cereal this week. The results were a very pleased momma. I loved the texture (closer to steel cut oats than oatmeal) and I love the addition of Greek yogurt and peanut butter. I […]

Mango Spinach Banana Smoothie

It took falling in love with this smoothie to get me writing again. Not that this is the only delicious food I’ve eaten in the past 5 months but it a unique enough drink that I had to share. It all started when my coworker Angela had me taste a spinach mango smoothie she made with […]

Family Meal: Biscuit Topped Chicken Potpie

We learned at 13 months old that our daughter has a milk/dairy intolerance. She can eat yogurt but anything in addition to that ends with many diaper changes. Since this realization I’m always on the look out for new dairy free recipes since my mind always comes back to lasagna, macaroni and grilled cheese. Thanks […]

Watermelon Salad

It’s finally summer which means the season of fresh juicy fruit has arrived. I love having fresh berries, pineapple and melons around for snacking but recently I was introduced to a new salad that I can’t get enough of. After doing the MS 150 bike ride (where the weather kept us from the second half) […]

No Bake Energy Bites

My neighbor, great friend and new mom to her second kid just celebrated her birthday. Knowing sleep is likely down and that she is a healthy eater who loves new recipes I though these would be the perfect gift to send her way! If you are on pinterest you may have seen the picture of […]

Whole Grain Date & Cherry Bites

In my most recent Parents magazine there was a recipe for fig foldovers which inspired me to make a snack size bite that Elena could eat along with Ryan and I. I love the idea of having homemade snacks for our family and knew this I could change the recipe a bit to have less […]

Appalled and Deceived

I know, I know, I know. I hear the voices already. I should have known better than to assume, but I’m guilty. I have been buying light syrup for the past decade (or at least since I started to buy my own groceries back in college). We ran out of syrup last week and now […]

Caribbean Carrot Soup

I don’t know how to put in words the deliciousness that is this soup! YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT!! My mom found the recipe in her Madison magazine and it sounded perfect from the start since I love soup and it has some of my favorite ingredients: coconut milk, ginger and sriracha (well it called […]

Curry-Rubbed Salmon

We were honored to have my Aunt Nancy visit last week and help out with our daughter. As if that wasn’t enough she decided to cook dinner for us as well. Wetook out a handful of my cookbooks the night before and browsed for a new tasty recipe. After browsing many books nothing beat out […]

New Seeds on the Block

Seeds have been surfacing as “health” foods for many years now. One of the first big players on the block was flax seed. Now if you go in most grocery store you will be able to find chia seeds and hemp seeds. Here is a brief overview of the seeds, their nutritional benefits and ways […]

Three Bean Salad

You may be wondering if I stopped cooking now that I’m working and a mom. The answer is no, I still cook. The problem is I don’t have time to post all the things I make. Tonight though our daughter had a great evening eating dinner with us followed by a 7pm bath which meant […]

Foods I LOVE right now

Well life as a working mom has taken full affect and sadly the blog has gotten hit the hardest. I apologize to all my followers for the lack of posts lately but in all honesty my meals have been rather quickly put together and taking a picture of it has not been on my mind. […]

Basil Pepper Pesto

My husband and I love sauces, spreads and things with a kick. Now that it’s basil season that means lots of pesto. Pesto chicken paninis, pasta, sandwiches, salad dressings…you get my drift. We love pesto!! When we were up north over the fourth of July I saw a recipe for a spicy pesto that caught […]

The amazing cooks I know…

It’s been too long since I featured some of the amazing food that I eat after other peoples hard work. A few weeks ago my dear friend Amanda, who I met at work came over to visit Elena and I. Not only did she bring wine she also brought everything to cook us dinner. I […]

Tilapia a la Veracruz

There are so many joys to motherhood and maternity leave. Besides all the amazing cuddles, coos and fun Elena shares with me on a daily basis I’ve also been blessed to have a lot of my family who live out of town visit. In addition, Elena must know that her mommy loves to cook because […]

Mango Slaw

It’s officially summer which means it’s time for me to make a ton of grain salads, slaws and other cold dishes. When my mom was in town we went to my favorite food blog: Smitten Kitchen and she found a delicious salad for Memorial Day.  I would definitely make this one again! We paired it with burgers […]

Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken

Day twelve of being a mom and so far I love it. Things thus far have gone relatively smooth and I’ve been able to occasionally cook. I even have a new number #1 fan who already joins me in the kitchen (see picture below). I think she’s going to love cooking just liker her mama.  For my […]

Cooking Oil Guide

There are so many varieties of oil available to buy at the store it’s hard to know which one is best for your recipe? To help out I decided to break down some common plant oils based on facts, taste and fat breakdown. One thing to remember is a fat is a fat. No matter […]

Muffin Overload

Another weekend waiting for our baby with lots of time to bake! As I near my due date (this Friday, May 11th) I was thinking I should bake something for the staff that will take care of my bundle of joy and myself. Since I work at the hospital I know that nurses and staff […]

Chicken Salad

There is nothing I love more than to make a salad that I can enjoy for dinner and pack for lunches the next few days. With fresh bought pita pockets and organic chicken in the freezer I thought what better than to make chicken salad. I wasn’t interested in traditional chicken salad and while I […]

Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy

I have come upon the next stage of life when nutrition is not only important for me but also for the baby that I’m carrying. I’m currently 34 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first child and being a dietitian nutrition has been very important to me during this pregnancy. You may think this means I […]

Carrot Cake Muffins

I’m so blessed to have a sister in law that I truly adore. Not only is she a great friend she is also a certified pastry chef (talk about amazing). I find myself yearning for her ability to bake without measuring and create such delicious items from scratch. Her creativity and intelligence are too good […]

Healthy Carb Dishes

Since I seem to be craving carbohydrates a lot during this pregnancy I decided to feature healthy ways to satisfy those cravings today on Twin Cities Live. Not only will you fill up on carbs, they will be the healthy kind and you will also get some servings of fruits and vegetables in with these three dishes. So, indulge away with this edamame […]

Antioxidant Rich Foods

I have a handout of the top 20 antioxidant rich foods at work and have been meaning to post about it. The list was put together by nutritionists with the USDA who examined the antioxidant levels of more than 100 different fruits, vegetables, spices, cereal and more. The information was published in the Journal of […]

Homemade Dog Treats

I’m going a different direction on my post today from humans to dogs. Most people who focus on good nutrition for their families are also concerned with their dogs nutrition and while I cook on a daily basis for my husband and myself I am yet to cook something homemade just for my dog. Tenley, […]

Kale Chips

As I sit and look out the window at the snow falling I find myself aching for my garden vegetables. As a dietitian selecting a favorite vegetable is near impossible and ever changing but one of my top picks for the past two years has been kale. I first was introduced to kale chips by […]

Gluten Free Cookies

I’ve had the pleasure of having Lauren, a student from Eagan High School, shadow me twice a week for the past three months as part of Eagan’s Mentorship program. It was so much fun to help her learn more about nutrition and join me in studio at Twin Cities Live and Fox 9 news and […]

A thanks to the creator…

How do you say thanks to a dear friend who graciously created your website for you. Well, for me the answer was easy, have her over for dinner. While she’s the website and design expert, I can be the dinner chef. Kristen has been an amazing friend to me over the years. We grew up […]

Feel Better Soup

After 6 days of being sick at home this past week I was craving some hot homemade soup. So, between naps, chugging water, coughing and blowing my nose I woke up from a nap with enough energy to do a little chopping for some comfort soup before another nap. I already needed to run to […]

Gifts Ideas for a Healthy Kitchen!

If you’ve ever walked into a kitchen store you’ve probably seen kitchen gadgets and appliances on every wall. Having the tools to prepare healthy food is key in maintaining your waist line. Wondering which ones to start with. Today, I’m featuring a few of my favorite items and items I aspire to have. Just in […]

Fighting Fruit Fatigue

You may remember I talked about fruit fatigue at the beginning of the month in my choose cherries post. Well today I discussed ways to fight fruit fatigue on Twin Cities Live. Try new ways to to eat fruit instead of only eating apples, bananas, oranges and watermelon. Many fruits are available year round in […]

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Garlic and Shallots

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year? I was in charge of a vegetable side for our Thanksgiving meal and I chose to make a Brussel Sprouts recipe that I had tried a few weeks back and was a huge success! I made them ahead of time according to the recipe directions with the […]

My Breakfast Obsession: Cherry & Walnut Oatmeal

Easy to prepare and very healthy; a whole grain breakfast that’s low in sodium, provides one serving of fruit and heart healthy walnuts and soy milk. What’s not to love? Try it out and let me know what you think. You’ll never go back to instant oatmeal again! Sina’s Cherry & Walnut Oatmeal Recipe Ingredients: […]

A Gluten Free, Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Have you ever hosted a dinner party for friends or family members that have food restrictions you aren’t used to you and you can’t think of what to make? Most people have been there as I have and if you said no to this question don’t think it won’t happen as Gluten Free diets and […]

The amazing cooks I know…

This month I want to feature another amazing cook I know; my best friend Rachel. You’ve probably heard me talk about Rachel before as she is one of the three women who inspired me to love cooking (her, my mom and my Aunt Nancy). Rachel has always been great at baking and trying fun new […]

Potato Leek Soup

You may be wondering if our crop share ended since I haven’t posted in awhile. The answer is no and the reason I hadn’t posted in awhile is the recent shares have been for foods that we often eat raw (carrots, lettuce, arugula, cucumbers) or things like onions and garlic that I add to everything. […]

Healthy Soups

I am presenting my first cooking segment on Twin Cities Live tomorrow, Wednesday October 12th. I’m going to make two of the soups I’ve blogged about before: Roasted Tomato Basil Soup and Spicy Tuscan Soup. People often think of soup and picture cream based options. While these may taste good they are high in fat […]

Stuffed French Toast with Berries

Brunch for one please! My friend Brent and I had planned to make a decadent brunch this morning but sadly he came down with an awful cold. I considered just pouring myself a bowl of cereal but being a breakfast and brunch lover I still made the stuffed french toast that we had picked out […]


My hospitals organization, HealthPartners, has launched a new healthy campaign called YumPower. I am excited to be a part of an organization that promotes healthy living to their employees but also provides employees and community members with the tools they needs to practice living healthy on a daily basis. For those of you not from Minnesota […]

Food of the Month

I can’t believe it’s already October. While the leaves have started to change the weather here in Minnesota has been unseasonably warm with expected highs in the upper 70’s/low 80’s all week. It was a perfect weekend for me from weather to Wisconsin sports (if you  missed it the Badgers, Brewers and Packers all won) to a […]

Crop Share Box #8

What this Box Contained Cucumbers, Italian Garlic, Summer Squash, Sweet Spanish Onions, Sweet Corn, Watermelon, Melons, Arugula, Edamame, Tomatoes, Red Grape Tomatoes, Orange or Red Ukraine Peppers, Roaster Peppers, Corn, Eggplant, Basil, Potatoes Pictured Above From Front Left to Right: Red Grape Tomatoes, Eggplant, Roaster Peppers, Potatoes, Basil From Back Left to Right:  Edamame, Cucumber, […]


I have to report back on the amazing food we ate in Seattle and Vancouver. While I don’t have pictures of every meal I can tell you it was a lot of fish, Mediterranean (delicious hummus and pitas for a few meals), home cooking, southern food and BBQ. Here is a mini recap of a […]

Food of the Month

I just returned from an eight day trip in the Pacific north west and Canada and while part of September is over it’s still not to late to enjoy this months food. Peppers! They come in many shapes, sizes, colors and spice levels. The Scoville Heat Scale is a great way to see what level […]

Serving size vs Portion size

While many Americans use the words serving size and portion size the same way they actually have different meanings. A serving size is the portion that is recommended by the USDA as a serving of that food group, whereas a portion size is the amount we actually choose to eat. A portion size can be more or less than […]

Gluten Free Diets: Facts vs Fabrications

Gluten free diets are all the rage these days. According to a report from packaged Facts, the gluten free food and drink market had a 30% growth rate from 2006 to 2010 reaching $2.6 billion in retail sales last year. They also mention that the products are often consumed by people who do not suffer gluten intolerance. I’m […]

The amazing cooks I know…

I’m blessed to have amazing friends and family in my life who love to cook. Ryan and I have been treated to so many delicious meals that I wanted to start featuring some of the other amazing cooks I know on my blog. The first installment of my blogs guest cook is Chrissy Keene. Chrissy […]

Philly Cheese Steaks

My husband was reading the USA Weekend insert in the paper back in June and found a “Father’s Day” recipe for Philly Cheese Steak that he cut out for me to make. I was thankful that he contributed a recipe since I’m always asking him what he wants to eat but I was also eating my […]

Food of the Month

I picked my first tomato from my garden last week and was so overtly excited that it’s officially tomato season. While farmers markets and other gardens have had tomatoes fresh for most of July mine are just coming into bloom. Since starting the food of the month I have anticipated using tomatoes and now the time […]

Grilled Fruit

It’s my first day home after a 10 day road trip to Notre Dame, Racine and Webster, Wisconsin. Our week off was filled with friends, family, a wedding, meeting baby Alexis and of course a lot of good food. We enjoyed family dinners with the Postorino’s, Teskey’s, Eberle’s and Connell’s and ate lots of fish, […]

Food of the Month

It took awhile to heat up this summer but now that it has it sure feels good. Most of the time by July the hot temps can be bothersome but after all the rainy days I’m enjoying my 80 and 90 degree days.This time of year I always crave cold things and berries are on […]

Brisket Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my husbands birthday so the dinner menu was centered around him, which means one thing, BEEF. While reading my Cooking Light magazine this past month I came across a page showing beef brisket sandwiches that looked amazing. After returning to the page to find the recipe I saw that it was an add […]

Eating Healthy on the Road

Eating healthy on the road can be done! If you prepare ahead of time and pack healthy snacks you can save money and make eating healthy more convenient and easy. Below I listed some foods rich in fiber and/or protein that you can pack for a trip to help fill you up. If you prefer […]

The USDA Unveils MyPlate

You’ve probably heard by now that the USDA Food Guide Pyramid has officially been retired and replaced with MyPlate. Like many dietitians I’ve spoken with I am very excited about the new USDA MyPlate. Using a plate for meal planning is nothing new in the nutrition world. Many methods we use for educating patients with […]

Food of the Month

I know what you’re thinking it’s June 4th and I’m a little behind on my food of the month. I apologize for my neglect to the blog.  I’ve been outside pulling out bushes, weeding my garden and our summer season of weddings and bachelorette parties officially began last night. So needless to say I’ve been […]

Frozen Entrees

We have all had days when cooking is the last thing on our mind and we are scrambling for something quick to eat that doesn’t throw off our healthy eating. My husband and I always have a few frozen Kashi and Amy’s meals on hand for the mornings we don’t have time to make a lunch (or the nights he’s traveling […]


  People assume I know how to cook everything since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but to there surprise I’m just like everyone else and I have so many foods I have yet to try and so many more to master. I’m still nervous cooking new foods especially things like lamb […]

Vegetable and Herb Garden

This is a long overdue email but I’ve been busy in the yard weeding and planting my garden. One of the best perks of home ownership and a yard is the ability to have a garden. This is the second year I’ve planted an herb and vegetable garden. With all the imported and shipped vegetables at grocery […]

Chocolate Overload

This post is for all the times I’ve been told that since I’m a dietitians I don’t eat dessert or chocolate. No and No. Actually, dietitians have an obsession and love for food and dessert is the cherry on top of it all. When your job is centered around nutrition you are inevitably forced to […]

Juice Boxes

As a lot of my friends begin their journeys into parenthood it’s a great time to talk about juice. We can all think back to our childhood days and having juice boxes at lunch, during sporting events or maybe at a picnic or party. Juice boxes were a rarity in my house but I always […]

Butter or Margarine???

What’s the better choice? Since this is a common nutrition question I’m hoping I can debunk it for everyone. First, let’s remember that whichever you choose, margarine or butter, they are both fats so we want to use them sparingly. Now to the answer. Like all things nutrition there isn’t a simple black or white answer since fats aren’t […]

Easter Candy Calories

Easter is the second highest time of year for candy sales, behind Halloween, and my personal favorite time of year for candy choices! In my eyes everything from the egg and bunny shapes to the pastel colors and flavor choices outshine the Halloween options. Most of the popular Easter candies come in mini egg shapes that are lower […]

Whole Grain Salads

Barley, quinoa and bulgar salads are my absolute favorite sides for dinner when it’s nice out. They are great sources of fiber and easy to prepare ahead of time. I like to make them on the weekends for dinner and use the leftovers for our lunches during the week. The nice thing about whole grain salads is you don’t need […]

Mercury in Fish: How much fish is too much?

A coworker asked me a great question that prompted me to do some further research. Should I worry about the mercury in fish? First, the most serious threats are for pregnant women and children but still the answer isn’t clear. Yes, you should worry, but no eating fish isn’t dangerous. A lot of things factor into how […]