Appalled and Deceived

I know, I know, I know. I hear the voices already. I should have known better than to assume, but I’m guilty. I have been buying light syrup for the past decade (or at least since I started to buy my own groceries back in college). We ran out of syrup last week and now that my daughter loves whole wheat banana pancakes I knew I better get out and replenish our supply. While I’ve always been aware (or so I thought I was) of the foods we eat and what’s in them I guess syrup just slid by since we use it so infrequently (french toast, pancakes and waffles are an infrequent breakfast at our house).

Since I learned I was going to be a mother I have been more conscious of eating natural foods… or lets just say less of the processed ones. I am human. So, on Thursday morning I headed to the syrup aisle to look at what to buy. I flipped to the ingredients and literally was appalled…high fructose corn syrup was the #1 ingredient in most of the products. So, I then flipped a “Natural” one around to see “corn syrup” was number 1 (yes, while that is natural it is still sugar as the main ingredient…no matter the form).

Great, so I’ve been eating pure SUGAR with my breakfast for a decade. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE sugar but I would rather have it in a sweet dessert and enjoy the pureness of maple syrup which is sweet all on it’s own. My reaction was something like a cartoon character when their jaw drops to the ground. The grocery store employee must have wondered why I continued to check each label. At that point I knew I was going to get the 100% Maple Syrup but I coudln’t stop looking at all the big brands lists and claims on the labels…

Yes, I was appalled because I tend to have the pancakes, waffles or french toast with my syrup. Yes, I LOVE syrup!!! Why eat the stuff if you can’t load it, right??? Well, I’m a changed women. A pure maple syrup buyer for life. Yes, its more expensive but its so delicious and we got to try it out this morning. We made homemade whole wheat banana pancakes for breakfast and just as I expected when you have the real thing you need so much less of it since the flavor is so full. Elena, Ryan and I all approved!

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  1. Rita Connelly
    Rita Connelly says:

    I know what you mean, Sina. I had the same reaction when I went to buy cocoa mix a while ago. My old stand by Nestle’s Quik was a mix of junk and very little cocoa. I ended up buying Starbuck mix and it ended up tasting better anyway.

    • Sina
      Sina says:

      Just goes to show how many things we do out of habit. Just pick up the usual and be on our way…glad I took a step back :).


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