Gifts Ideas for a Healthy Kitchen!

If you’ve ever walked into a kitchen store you’ve probably seen kitchen gadgets and appliances on every wall. Having the tools to prepare healthy food is key in maintaining your waist line. Wondering which ones to start with. Today, I’m featuring a few of my favorite items and items I aspire to have. Just in time for  the holidays in case you still needed a gift idea for that hard to buy person or are thinking ahead for great wedding shower/gift ideas for someone starting their kitchen collection. As you will see they range in price.


This fancy blender is known for being the creme dela creme in the cooking world. It can make amazing pureed soups and blend ANYTHING. From my friends that have it nothing compares. It would be great for a new mom to make baby food or for someone trying to follow a healthy diet. It can process whole foods and is used in many restaurants nationwide.

Magic Bullet

This mini blender is great for smoothies and dressing and is very convenient for an on the go person. It is available at many stores for a great price. I use mine year round and love how easy it can chop ice and frozen fruit. It makes getting my fruit intake in easy all winter and it’s great for a breakfast on the go. Just as seen on TV it’s that simple. I have official become a smoothie fanatic thanks to this amazing gadget. Great for families, college students and people cooking for one.
$50 at Target or

Microplane Zester & Citrus Press

Wondering how you can add more flavor without fat? Think citrus. Citrus zest and juice can add extra flavor to dressings, sides and lean proteins. The microplane zester is also great for adding shaved cheese or garlic to dishes and could also be used to shave chocolate. This is my favorite kitchen gadget and a great gift for any new or seasoned chef
Zester: ~$14 at Target or or $15.95 at Crate and Barrel
Citrus Press: $16.95 Crate and Barrel

Pampered Chef Measure, Mix and Pour Salad Dressing holder

While many companies have salad dressing holders I love Pampered Chefs because they give recipes on the outside for people who are new to making dressings. This product is always in use at our house with a homemade vinaigrette dressing ready for salads or marinating. It’s a great way to cut the additives and salt in dressings.
$12 Pampered Chef

Garlic Press

I know I already told you my favorite gadget it the mircoplane but I may have to correct myself and say that is tied with my garlic press. Another great way to add flavor to dishes without adding more butter or oil is using garlic or fresh herbs. While I love garlic I’ve always hated peeling and dicing the little cloves. Besides how long it take your hands smell after. Not anymore. This Pampered Chef garlic press lets you put the clove in unpeeled and the outcome is minced garlic. So, go in your cupboard and toss out your can of minced garlic and get the real stuff with more flavor and less pickling.
$16.50 at Pampered Chef

Food Scale

If you’ve never been good at eyeballing portion sizes or know someone who struggles having appropriate portions at their meals a food scale is the perfect item for their kitchen. This will eliminate any room for error. These vary in style from just showing the weight in grams or ounces to having more nutritional information available with the scale as well.
Perfect Portion Digital Food Scale: $49.99 at Target

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  1. Greta Hanson
    Greta Hanson says:

    I keep seeing that VItamix blender at Costco and am always tempted to buy it. Now I may just have to finally bite the bullet!!


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