My hospitals organization, HealthPartners, has launched a new healthy campaign called YumPower. I am excited to be a part of an organization that promotes healthy living to their employees but also provides employees and community members with the tools they needs to practice living healthy on a daily basis. For those of you not from Minnesota or who haven’t heard of YumPower it’s a website with tools to help people eat better and teach people to look at food in a fresh new way. You can sign up to a get a weekly healthy eating text or check out their site this fall for cooking videos, a phone app, recipes and healthy tips for eating healthy in or out.

To help promote the new campaign they are hosting a cooking contest. The criteria state they are looking for a recipe that contains at least two fruits and/or vegetables, are creative and delicious, are quick and easy to make and if possible only use whole grains, lean meat and healthy fats (aka no trans fat please).

I can already think of some of my favorite dishes that would work for the contest and I encourage you to submit some of your healthy recipes. Often times we don’t give ourselves credit for the baked chicken we whipped up with whole grains even though it’s tasty enough to fit in a cook book. The best part is, celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern will be judging the top five finalists recipes in a cook-off.

I’d love to hear the recipes you submit. Share them on my blog or email me separately! Good luck

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