Christmas Gift Ideas that Promote Health!

Unsure what to get a friend or family member for Christmas? What about a gift that can improve their health. Here are some last minute gift ideas that will benefit your loved ones health.

Magic Bullet

  • This mini super blender makes having more fruits easy with how quick it can make a smoothie or protein shake that’s grab and go. It works great even with frozen fruit.

Stability Ball

  • A great work out tool for balance and strength. They help strengthen your core and can be used for multiple exercises for a reasonable price. Some even come with an instructional DVD. As a bonus gift you could throw in some free weights to use with their stability ball.

Entry fee an Athletic event

  • If you have a friend or family member who always talks about doing a 5K race, bike race, triathlon or half marathon but never signs up. Paying their entry fee may be the motivation they need to train. Or maybe you want to give a person new to working out a goal. Try entering yourself and them into a 5K walk or run that’s a few months out so they have something to work towards.

Gift card to see a registered dietitian or personal trainer

  • Help someone get healthy by connecting them with an expert who can help them set an individual plan for them for eating and meals or assist them with a workout routine. Call your doctors clinic to find out if they have dietitians available or where to go.

Gift card for a local co-op

  • Who doesn’t want a gift card for food shopping and what better way then to let them try out a local co-op.

Money towards joining a CSA

  • Only 6% of Americans consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables a day. Here’s a way to help someone get more fruits and vegetables into their home. Pay their fee to join a Community Supported Agriculture program. You will get fruits and vegetables that are local and in season to cook with weekly. It’s a great way to try out more fruits and vegetables without having to go grocery shopping.
  • I’m a cooking light fanatic. They give light versions of great recipes that are always loved by my friends and family

All New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook

  • I’m a cooking light fanatic and what better way to share healthy recipes then to get their cookbook. This book has light versions of great recipes that are always loved by my friends and family.

Thin for Life by Anne Fletcher, MS, RD

  • She shares inspiring stories and secrets from people who have lost weight and kept the weight off. She also gives 10 keys to success with weight loss. A motivating book that shares advice from an expert as well.

A reusable stainless steel water bottle

  • Hydration is key for good health. Did you know that water makes up more than ½ your body?
  • There are varying recommendations for water intake. Most people have heard of 6 to 8 8 ounces glasses of water a day but that varies per person based on physical activity, age and if you are sick or not. For most people drinking when you are thirsty will keep you hydrated.
Gift card to a spa
  • We live with stresses all around us. While some stress is okay, being overstressed can be detrimental to our health and also contribute to difficulty losing weight
Heart Rate Monitor
  • Great for active people or for beginners. A lot of new heart rate monitors come with GPS and can track your pace, location or speed and some even count calories. This small device can be a very motivating tool.

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